At Antique Furniture Direct we often stock a range of antique bureaus and vintage bureaus and occasionally antique desks such as pedestal desks and ladies writing desks.We also occasionally stock cylinder desks and roll top desks as well as antique davenports.

The antique bureau is an item of furniture which once owned will become indispensable – where else can you keep those private papers and love letters! The bureau started out as a chest with a lock for securing valuables as early as the 16th century and over the next hundred years began to take on its present form of the writing bureau. Its popularity no doubt stems from its usefulness and it is as useful today as it has ever been; a laptop will fit in the top drawer and the fall is ideal for working on.

At Antique Furniture Direct we sell a variety of bureaux. If you are looking for an antique bureau, we occasionally stock Georgian Bureaus often made from solid oak as well as solid oak roll top desks dating from circa 1900 onwards. Victorian and Edwardian bureaus we sell tend to be mahogany veneered and quite delicate with antique cylinder bureaus being a particularly fine example. We try to buy antique bureaus with working locks as this is one of the attractions of this piece of furniture, but occasionally we might fail to find a suitable key in which case this will be made clear in the item description.