At Antique Furniture Direct we sell a number of different styles of antique chests of drawers from the ever popular stripped pine chest to the classic Victorian bow fronted mahogany chest of drawers as well as walnut and oak chest of drawers ideal for the bedroom. We also occasionally stock antique coffers usually dating from the 17th and 18th Century in carved oak, which make great hall storage or can even be used as TV stands or coffee tables.

An antique chest of drawers is often comprised of two small drawers over three larger drawers, interestingly the large drawer at the bottom often acted as a cradle for a baby in poorer working class homes when a crib could not be afforded. The pine versions were often painted to resemble a more expensive timber such as walnut or mahogany, a process known as scumbling. Mahogany and walnut chests of drawers are usually veneered as it would be too expensive to make the whole piece from solid wood. Small pieces missing from the veneer are inevitable; larger damage we restore. Once you have owned a Victorian chest with its enormous storage capacity, you might be reluctant to return to a modern version.