The period usually described as Georgian spans the best part of the 18th century through the reigns of the first three Georges; George I, George II and George III who reigned from 1714 to 1820. It can be roughly divided into three periods, early or Palladian, mid and late.

Georgian style is characterised by ball and claw feet, broken pediments and ornate carving and piercing. As the century progressed the style became lighter, both in colour and decoration, until it finally arrived at the Regency period.

The great names of the period were those of Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite, who were working during the mid to late period, which is often referred to as “The Golden Age of Furniture”. It was during the Georgian period that mahogany began slowly to replace walnut as the wood of choice and fashion, it being easier to carve and less susceptible to worm.

Some items of Georgian furniture are really quite affordable. Washstands, for example, although having become redundant as originally used, make excellent small side cabinets, and are currently quite modestly priced. With dark polished furniture being currently out of fashion there has never been a better time to buy antique Georgian furniture.