Mahogany is a dark, heavy wood with a grain that is less visible to the eye than either walnut or oak. It is a tropical hardwood grown in areas such as Brazil and Peru. In the early 18th century in quickly became the wood of fashion, ousting oak, and peaking in popularity in the last quarter of the 19th century. It remains to this day a popular choice for furniture manufacturers.

It is often associated with the large, heavy, cumbersome and over- elaborate furniture of the mid to late Victorian period and is currently, in this form, deeply unfashionable. However there are some much simpler, high quality pieces on the market which represent excellent value for money in the current climate. Look out for breakfast tables on central pedestals which can be found at very reasonable prices and are often of superb quality and a few years ago were fetching 4 times what they are fetching now. Small chiffoniers, occasional tables and wine tables are all to be found at bargain prices and if positioned in the right place in a home, whether modern of traditional, can look stunning.

At Antique Furniture Direct we have beautiful range of antique mahogany furniture for sale, from side chairs and desk chairs to tables, cupboards and cabinets. With new stock arriving on a weekly basis. There has never been a better time to buy mahogany furniture; it will come back into fashion and today’s modest investment could pay dividends in the years to come.