At Antique Furniture Direct we have a range of beautiful antique Regency furniture for sale including antique Regency corner cupboards, Regency tables and antique Regency chairs. We also often sell regency revival furniture from Victorian and Edwardian periods.

Historically speaking the Regency period dates from 1811-1830, during the reign of the Prince George IV, the Prince Regent. However in terms of antique furniture and design, the term Regency is more loosely used to describe English furniture which dates anywhere from the late 1790’s up to the 1830’s which has been made in the Regency style. Regency furniture is marked by elegance. Similar to its preceding Georgian era, Regency furniture was neo-classical in essence drawing inspiration from ancient Rome, ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, however the Regency period took this classical revival a step further, copying from ancient designs even more so. Regency chairs borrow their sabre legs and slender lines directly from the ancient Greek Klismos chair, while motifs such as lion paw feet and the winged sphinx are lifted straight from ancient Roman and Egyptian architecture. Mahogany was the favoured wood of the Regency period with the use of Rosewood, Zebrawood and Maple veneers as well as brass for decoration. At Antique Furniture Direct we sell Regency chairs including the classic Trafalgar chair and occasionally sell mahogany Regency furniture such as Regency Pembroke tables, side tables and pot cupboards.