At Antique Furniture Direct we sell a wide range of different types of antique tables from the always useful occasional table through the medium sized breakfast table to the full size antique dining table. We also sell card tables and games tables.

We aim to sell interesting and functional pieces and we favour tables that have their original patina. Of course this is not always possible and we do refurbish tables and tops in particular, as this is usually the part of the table that suffers the most mishandling during its life time. In the case of occasional tables we select those with interesting shapes, turned legs and good, well executed carving as they make excellent additions to any room. The medium sized tables we sell come in many designs, the antique Victorian tables being the most ingenious in their approach to solving the problem of making a small table become a larger one. There are Pembroke tables with lift up flaps, twist turn tables, gate leg tables and tilt top tables to name just a few. Those with their original patina will show signs of their former life, but this is part of their charm for us and also for you we hope. Our dining tables come in yet another variety of styles, gate leg, drop leaf, draw leaf, pedestal, farmhouse, refectory, wind out – the list goes on. And we haven’t even touched on woods yet! Whatever your requirement keep looking as we get new pieces in all the time. And should you need chairs we have sets available.