Antique corner cupboards although at first glance may appear to be quite a narrow field, actually vary in size style and era and the choice is extensive. They are such useful and versatile items that they have never really gone out of fashion and this type of furniture has been produced continuously in one form or another for hundreds of years. Things to look out for which enhance value are the original brass butterfly hinges and escutcheons on a Georgian corner cupboard and working locks with keys. Good quality inlay also increases value as well, of course, as does overall condition.

At Antique Furniture Direct we have mainly Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian antique corner cupboards for sale. Styles vary even within these periods; some of these corner cabinets have bow fronts, some panelled fronts, some are glazed, some are free standing, others wall mounted. Some versions include drawers at the bottom. Inside these cabinets there are usually shelves. In the Georgian ones the shelves tend to be scalloped while they are often straight in the later Victorian ones. They are frequently painted inside, shades of cream and pale green being favoured. These hanging cupboards are perennially popular as they are decorative and functional, creating storage and interest in an otherwise redundant corner of a room.