• Victorian Rise and Fall Rosewood Piano Stool by Charles Wadman Bath

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At Antique Furniture Direct we have an interesting range of vintage and antique piano stools for sale, in a variety of styles. We sell standard lift lid piano stools with cabriole legs to the more elaborate carved pedestal rise and fall model as well as the fall front design, the saddle style, the Art Nouveau style and Edwardian era stool. Whatever your preference keep checking our site as we will be adding new pieces all the time. Our piano stools are usually always re-upholstered in attractive modern fabrics to bring them back in-tune with the 21st century home.

The Victorian era saw the rise in popularity of the piano due to the industrialisation process making production costs fall. The piano was no longer the province of the well to do but became the television of the time providing the family entertainment. And with every piano came a piano stool. When the piano fell into disrepair or when eventually it went out of fashion the piano stool was regularly kept as a useful little item, hence the number still available for our use today. It still remains a functional piece and is very popular because of its small size and because it sometimes provides storage facilities.